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April 19: National Days and History Events Fall this Day 
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April 19: National Days and History Events Fall this Day 

April 19 has immense significance for many nations worldwide. From Education and Sharing Day to Poetry and Creative Mind Day, many vital events fall on April 19. 

John Parker Day 

America celebrates John Parker Day every April 19 to honor its fighters. John Parker Day is dedicated to Captain John Parker, a key figure in the early battles of the American Revolutionary War. 

However, the event is known as John Parker Day, and it intends to accommodate America’s great fighters. John Parker was a mechanic and a farmer who led the Lexington Militia during a critical time for American colonies. 

Education and Sharing Day

The United States celebrates Education and Sharing Day every April 19. The event takes place to share knowledge about education and make people aware. This day is celebrated on Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson’s birthday. 

The first Education and Sharing Day was celebrated in 1978 with the support of the US Congress and President Jimmy Carter. 

Humorous Day

April 19th also marks Humorous Day, a time to embrace laughter and lightheartedness. It’s a celebration of the importance of humor in our lives, reminding us to find joy in the every day and to appreciate the comedic side of things.

Humorous Day originated in 1976 when Carmel Institute of Humor’s director Larry Wilde announced April as a humor month. 

World Jackal Day

On April 19, conservationists and wildlife enthusiasts around the globe observe World Jackal Day. This day serves to raise awareness about the various species of jackals and the challenges they face in the wild. 

From habitat loss to human-wildlife conflict, World Jackal Day aims to promote conservation efforts to protect these remarkable creatures and their ecosystems.

In 2023, the World Jackal Day was celebrated for the first time. April 19 was chosen because it also marks the beginning of the birthing season for the Golden Jackal. 

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