Attack on the US Embassy in Lebanon’s Beirut

Attack on the US Embassy in Lebanon’s Beirut

The US Embassy reports that there were no casualties in the attack. However, one of the gunmen who attacked the Embassy was shot dead by Lebanese soldiers.

On June 5, some unidentified gunmen tried to attack the US Embassy in Beirut, Lebanon. However, due to the retaliatory action by the Lebanese soldiers, the attackers could not succeed in their objective. 

As confirmed by Lebanese security officials, four people were involved in the attack on the US Embassy. According to officials, one of the four attackers led others to the scene, and three opened fire. 

Lebanese soldiers responded to the attack by four unidentified gunmen and killed one of them on the spot. However, the second attacker was wounded, and the third one escaped from the location. The wounded shooter was transferred to the hospital while security officials were searching for the escaped attacker. 

On the other hand, according to the embassy officials, no casualties occurred in the attack. 

Who attacked the US embassy in Lebanon?

In their statement, while talking to the media, the Lebanese officials described the attackers only as Syrian nationals. Further details on the identity of attackers at the US embassy are yet to come. 

However, it is clear from the clothes of the attackers and the words written on them that they were associated with some Islamic organization. An attacker was wearing a black vest with the words “Islamic State” written in Arabic and in the English initials “I” and “S.” 

According to the local media, there was a gunfight for almost half an hour by the US diplomatic mission in the suburb of Aukar, north of Beirut. 

The caretaker Prime Minister of Lebanon, Mr. Najib Mikati, also took the matter seriously. He said he was informed following the meetings with the army commander and defense minister. According to the PM, the situation is now stable and the investigation is in progress. 

History of attacks on the US embassy in Lebanon

The incident of June 5 is not the first incident of attack on the Embassy in Lebanon. The US embassy has already faced two attacks in the country. 

The first attack on the US embassy in Lebanon was a suicide bombing. On April 18, 1983, a suicide bomber drove a truck laden with explosives into the Embassy. That suicide attack killed 63 people, including 17 Americans. Additionally, more than 100 people were injured in the attack. 

The second attack took place on September 20, 1984. It was also a bombing attack by the Shi’a Islamic militant group Hezbollah with the support of the Islamic Republic of Iran. This attack killed 24 people, including the attacker. 

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