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Facts You Don’t Know About Alexander the Great
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Facts You Don’t Know About Alexander the Great 

Multiple theories are circulating after “Alexander the Making of a god” was released. Let’s uncover the facts you don’t know about Alexander the Great. 

Recently, Netflix’s documentary based on the life of Alexander the Great has raised many questions in front of the audience. Numerous IMDB reviews indicate that the documentary misrepresents Alexander’s life.

We have put together some facts that may clear up any doubts regarding Alexander. 

Basic facts 

Alexander was also known as Alexander III or Alexander of Macedonia. He was born at Pella in 356 BCE and died at Babylon in 323 BCE. Alexander was the king of Macedonia and a successor to his father, Philip II. 

Quick Facts About Alexander the Great

  1. Alexander became the king of Macedon at the early age of 20 years. Alexander had to ascend the throne at such a young age due to his father’s assassination by the enemies.
  2. Alexander conquered Persia in his early days as a king. He fought for about ten years to win Persia and destroy the Persian empire. 
  3. He died at the early age of 33 years, just after 13 years of his rule. At the time of Alexander’s death, his empire was over 5.2 million square kilometers. 
  4. Macedonians and Greeks continue ruling Alexander’s empire even 300 years after his death. Alexander’s half-brother, Philip Arrhidaeus, was selected to be the next king after his death. 

Essential facts about Alexander the Great

  1. The birth date of Alexander the Great has not been confirmed yet. Her mother, Olympias, gave birth to him either on July 20 or July 21 in 356 BC. 
  2. Alexander fought his first war against Thracian rebels at the early age of 16. 
  3. Alexander was a pupil and follower of the Greek philosopher Aristotle. The philosopher taught him all the lessons regarding how to rule. 
  4. Alexander’s father, King Philip, was assassinated by some enemies in 336 BC. Pausanians killed him to help the Lyncestian brothers. 
  5. Alexander of Macedonia began his war against the Persians in 334 BC and reached Syria in 333 BC and Egypt in 332 BC. Alexander invaded India and Persia in 329 BC. 

Interesting Facts about Alexander 

  1. Alexander was also known as Lord of Asia and Pharaoh of Egypt. A Rhodian inscription declared him Lord of Asia, while a priest gave him the title of Pharaoh of Egypt. 
  2. Alexander has never lost any battle in his entire life. 
  3. After King Darius III’s death, Alexander also received the title of King of Persia. 
  4. Modern institutes and battle teachers still follow and read Alexander’s tactics for battle. 
  5. Alexander was also a good player of Iyre. 

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