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Google Update: Your Old Gmail May Be Deleted

As per a recent Google update, your old Gmail account, which you have not used for the last two years, is at risk. Read all about the alert now! 

Google Update on Gmail Accounts

Google is starting to delete most of the old personal Gmail accounts that haven’t been used for the last two years. However, it is not a Google search engine algorithm update; it can be crucial for people with an old, inactive Gmail account. 

The company will not only delete your Gmail account, but your content, media, or anything available on or linked with the account will also be permanently deleted. 

What type of Google accounts can be deleted based on this update? 

As per Google’s May announcement, the company will delete only the inactive accounts. These inactive accounts might be ones you created to subscribe to online channels or join communities but have not been used in a while. If you have accounts like these, you must perform some activity to avoid issues.

When will Google start deleting old accounts? 

According to the last update by Google, the company will start deleting unused or inactive accounts starting December 1. However, they have also said that the company will send an alert about eight months before deleting the accounts, as per a report by CNBC. You can check your inbox to know whether you have received any alerts or not. 

Why is Google deleting accounts? 

Google is making these changes with security in mind. They are concerned that many older accounts, especially those not used for a while, may be at risk of being hacked. This is because these accounts often have old or forgotten passwords and may lack the added security layer of two-factor authentication, making them more vulnerable to compromise.

In an effort to enhance privacy protection and ensure the safety of user data, Google is currently removing old and inactive Gmail accounts. If you are concerned about someone else potentially accessing your data by creating a Gmail account with the same name as your old one, you can rest assured. Google has measures to prevent anyone from making a Gmail account using previously used names, safeguarding your information.

What to do to avoid deletion? 

You can start performing your old accounts to avoid the deletion. However, if your account is unimportant to you, we recommend you save your data in your personal space and let the account go. 

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