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Joe Biden wins the South Carolina Primary

Joe Biden will again represent the Democratic Party after winning the South Carolina primary elections. Joe won 55 of the state’s Democratic delegates and was on the top. 

President Joe Biden defeated his party rivals Marianne Williamson and Dean Phillips to win the state’s nod for the nomination. In the first Democratic primary, Joe won all 55 delegates by a landslide.

According to NBC News, Joe Biden won over 96 percent of the state votes. The rest of the seven candidates don’t even get 15% of the statewide vote, the threshold necessary to win delegates. 

President Joe Biden received 96.2% of total votes. Marianne Williamson gets only 2.1 percent, and Dean Phillips 1.7 percent. 

What Joe Biden said after winning the South Carolina primary?

Right after winning the South Carolina primary, Joe Biden released a statement regarding the victory. He especially mentioned black voters, 26% of South Carolina residents, in his statement. 

“As I said four years ago, this campaign is for everyone who has been knocked down, counted out, and left behind. That is still true today.” Joe added, “With more than 14m new jobs and a record 24 straight months (two years) of the unemployment rate under 4%, including a record low unemployment rate for Black Americans, we are leaving no one behind.” 

Joe also mentioned the voters of South Carolina, “In 2020, it was the voters of South Carolina who proved the pundits wrong, breathed new life into our campaign, and set us on the path to winning the Presidency. 

Biden continued impressing South Carolina voters, “Now, in 2024, the people of South Carolina have spoken again, and I have no doubt that you have set us on the path to winning the Presidency again. 

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The president added some other lines to his statement. However, it is just the first primary win; several other statements are expected to be out. 



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