Landslide Killed Over 100 in a Village of Papua New Guinea 

Landslide Killed Over 100 in a Village of Papua New Guinea 

The exact number of people buried in the landslide in Papua New Guinea has not been confirmed yet. However, locals fear more than 100 deaths in landslides in Kaoklam.

Last night, a devastating landslide in a remote village in Papua New Guinea resulted in the deaths of over 100 people. The deadly landslide occurred on Friday morning at about 3 AM, when most of the villagers were asleep.

A sudden landslide in Kaoklam village of Enga province destroyed several houses and the only nearby highway. Rescue and relief teams are continuously working to save the villagers and their properties as much as possible. 

However, due to the connectivity issues, help is taking time to reach them. The terrifying pictures from Papua New Guinea’s village are now surpassing social media. 

Prime Minister James Marape has sent rescue teams to save as many people as possible. However, the PM has refused to talk more on the disastrous landslide until he has the full information. 

Rescue teams deployed in Kaoklam 

The Prime Minister has ensured that all the people trapped in the landslide get all the necessary help. Papua New Guinea (PNG) Defence Force, Disaster Officials, District Officials, and the Department of Works and Highways have been deployed to save the residents. 

In a statement, Prime Minister James Marape said, “We are sending in disaster officials, PNG Defence Force, and the Department of Works and Highways to meet provincial and district officials in Enga and also start relief work, recovery of bodies, and reconstruction of infrastructure.” 

“I will release further information as I am fully briefed on the scale of destruction and loss of lives,” the PM added. 

Deaths in the Papua New Guinea landslide 

It is too early to say how many people lost their lives in the natural disaster. Initially, reports suggested that about 15 people lost their lives in the landslide. However, Australian Broadcasting Corp (ABC) then revealed that more than 100 villagers were buried in the landslide and passed away. 

According to the locals, the total number of casualties is higher. So, we can not commit any exact numbers as of now. 

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