Panchayat Season 3 Review: Manju Devi’s Swag

Panchayat Season 3 Review: Manju Devi's Swag

Overall, Panchayat Season 3 is a must-watch series for every Indian who has been a part of rural life. People looking to see the world from their air-conditioned rooms and cars should also check out Panchayat to explore rural life.

If you have streamed season one, you must remember the phrase “The Real India.” In the first season, when Jeetu finds it difficult to adapt to rural life, his friend tells him that he is getting a chance to live in real India/rural India.

I just want to say that Amazon Prime‘s Panchayat Season 3, like its last two installments, successfully takes us to rural India, the Real India. The series smartly portrays village-level politics, ego fights, and some crucial aspects of rural society.

Originally, it was like a comedy show. However, the second season portrayed a very unfortunate incident that saddened the entire series and its associates. Season 3 also continues that event and makes some scenes emotional.

In a dialogue, Prahlad says, “Samay Se Pahle Koi Nahi Jayega (No one will go before time).” Though he passed the statement to Sachiv Ji (Mr. Secretary), the audience connects it with his late son, Rahul Kumar.

However, comedy is the soul of the Panchayat series, and season 3 is no exception to this. This time, Binod, Bhushan, and other characters got more comic dialogues than Vikas and Pradhan Ji. Most of the main characters are looking serious in this part, but it is still not humorless.

Manju Devi’s Swag

It might be a spoiler, but Manju Devi is still the Gram Pradhan of Phulera. In the previous two parts, Manju Devi did not look that active in politics, and most of her decisions were made by her husband. But in this season, the makers have allowed her to be involved in politics on a good scale.

She not only makes decisions independently but also saves her husband and her politics from the conspiracies of Bhushan, the main villain.

Angry Sachiv Ji

Abhishek Tripathi, AKA Sachiv Ji, has acquired a more dangerous temper than ever before. However, he does not do this throughout the series, but at one moment he does something he promised in the last season.

In Panchayat Season 3, Abhishek Tripathi has not gotten too much spotlight or many scenes. Still, he is at the heart of the story. And the story of his heart is also a part of Panchayat Season 3.

Overall, the series is impressive. All old and new characters are just awesome and give us a complete package. In my opinion, it’s a must-watch series, especially for Indians.

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