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RCB Hopes for Playoffs: See how they can enter the race 
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RCB Hopes for Playoffs: See how they can enter the race 

The victory against Sunrisers Hyderabad has ignited hopes among hardcore RCB fans. After losing their 7 out of 8 matches, RCB fans laid down their arms. But this single win against the giant SRH has again revived the hopes of Bengaluru fans. 

RCB lost seven initial matches out of the nine games they played in IPL 2024. However, the worst thing that happened in RCB vs SRH was that Bengaluru again ignited hopes. They have five remaining matches in the IPL 2024, and their hopes will be alive if they win all five tournament matches. 

A team that has lost 7 out of 9 matches can win all five upcoming matches. This is the dream of Royal Challengers Bengaluru fans and the only hope for them. 

Not only this, RCB will depend on other teams even if they win all their upcoming matches. For general knowledge, only four teams reach the race of playoffs, and each team requires 16 points to get a playoff ticket. 

However, RCB cannot get 16 points in IPL 2024 as they don’t have enough matches. All Bengaluru team can do is win all their remaining matches and secure 14 points. Then, they will have to pray that no fourth team gets 16 points. 

RCB calculation for playoffs 

There is no chance for RCB in front of Rajasthan Royals, Kolkata Knight Riders, and Hyderabad. However, RCB fans will pray that only one of SRH, LSG, DC, CSK, and Gujarat finish on 14 points. 

In addition, Bengaluru will have to win all their matches with good margins to maintain a good Net Run Rate. RCB’s net run rate is currently minus, and their hopes will be ruined even if they win all their remaining matches with this NRR. 

If you are an RCB fan like me, the challenges for our team are not limited. We highlighted three conditions: RCB will have to win all its remaining matches, only one team of SRH, DC, LSG, CSK, and GT should finish on 14 points, and Royal Challengers will have to improve its Net Run Rate. 

In addition to these conditions, Bengaluru’s hopes will be dashed if any two of the chart toppers finish on 16 points. 

Bengaluru fans have one quality: they never lose hope. And even at this critical situation they are hoping for the best. Rest, let’s pray for them. 

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