RR vs SRH: Mistakes that knocked RR out of the tournament

RR vs SRH: Mistakes that knocked RR out of the tournament

In the RR vs SRH match, SRH secured their ticket to the tournament’s final by defeating Rajasthan Royals. SRH clinched the victory with a massive margin of 36 runs on the strength of Shahbaz Ahmed’s brilliant performance.

Finally, after two months of impressive matches, the Indian Premier League has its finalists for the 2024 edition. Table topper KKR was already waiting for its opponent to reach the final after winning its last game against Hyderabad.

By defeating Rajasthan in the RR vs. SRH match, Hyderabad heroically entered the IPL final. Now, the IPL final will reveal who the real hero is between KKR and SRH. 

However, the losing team RR also had a chance to enter the final for the third time in IPL history today. They also had a chance to win their second IPL title after their last win in 2008. Unfortunately, the RR vs SRH game broke both hopes and hearts after the Royals lost it.

Since SRH won the match with bat and ball, they will obviously get credit for the win. However, RR also made some mistakes, which cost them the match, as they lost it. If Rajasthan Royals had done a better job on some aspects of the strategy, they could have put themselves in a better position.

Mistakes that RR made

Early Use of Spinner

RR won the toss and decided to bowl first, which initially seemed like a good decision. However, their strategy against the power-packed SRH batting lineup did not pan out as expected. Boult dismissed the dangerous Abhishek Sharma in the very first over.

Despite this strong start, Captain Sanju Samson made a questionable decision by giving the ball to R. Ashwin in the very next over. This move did not work in favor of RR. Ashwin bowled the second and fourth overs of the match and conceded many runs.

Not only did he give away too many runs, but he also released the pressure built by the initial wicket. So, that was the first mistake RR and Sanju Samson made. 

Poor bowling by Spinners 

Rajasthan Royals have two of the most experienced Indian spinners of recent times, Ashwin and Chahal. In the RR vs SRH, both spinners performed very poorly with the ball. 

Shahbaz Ahmed took a maximum of 3 wickets for Sunrisers Hyderabad, while Chahal and Ashwin did not get even one wicket for RR. Apart from being unable to take wickets, Rajasthan’s spinners increased the workload of the fast bowlers by conceding many runs. 

While the fast bowlers created pressure on the opposition by taking wickets at regular intervals, the spinners removed the pressure by scoring many runs. 

Slow start by RR openers 

Rajasthan Royals took a very slow start in today’s match, which ultimately resulted in pressure in the middle overs. Opener Tom Kohler scored only ten runs after facing 16 balls in the initial overs. In-form batsman Yashasvi Jaiswal lost his wicket while trying to release the pressure of the slow run rate. 

If he had no pressure to increase the run rate, then perhaps the result of the match would have been different. 

Poor batting from lower order 

If one of the lower-order batsmen had rotated the strike for a while and given Dhruv a chance to play without losing a wicket, the result of the match could have been different. But all the lower-order batsmen tried to hit hard and lost their wickets at regular intervals. 

Dhruv played really well like a one-man army, but unfortunately, his batting could only reduce the margin of defeat. 

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