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Transformers and G.I. Joe Crossover Is Surely Happening 
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Transformers and G.I. Joe Crossover Is Surely Happening 

After the Transformers: Rise of the Beasts’ post-credits, fans were speculating about a crossover of the two. Fortunately, it is happening; makers have confirmed that Transformers and J.I. Joe’s team are coming together for a new feature film. 

The project is going to take place at Paramount. As per the reports, the idea of this new feature film is based on a storyline played out for the Hasbro brand in their 80s Marvel-published comics. 

According to Deadline, Steven Spielberg is executive producing this collaboration project. No filmmaker has been attached yet, despite the idea being hatched by filmmaker Steven Caple Jr. in Rise of the Beasts. 

However, before this project was confirmed, Steven Caple Jr. was thinking about a new Transformers, especially after getting huge success from Rise of the Beasts. The recent Rise of Beasts earned $439 Million globally. 

Official Announcement 

The crossover was announced during Paramount’s CinemaCon presentation. The company also gave a special preview of the upcoming animated flick Transformers One. 

However, neither Paramount nor Caple has given many hints about the Transformers and G.I. Joe crossover. All we have is that reference from the Transformers: Rise of Beasts post-credit scenes. 

Anthony Ramos (Noah) is given a business card in the post-credits. He can also be seen wearing the G.I. Joe logo in the credits. This means Noah has joined a special counter-terrorist team. 

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G.I. Joe and Transformers comics

G.I. Joe and Transformers have collaborated previously in a four-part limited series from Marvel Comics. The comic was written by Michael Higgins and it came out in 1986. However, watching their collaboration in the cinema will be next level fun. 

The last installment of G.I. Joe, directed by Robert Schwentke, came out in 2021. Due to Covid-19, the movie did not get that much recognition and success. 

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