Travis Scott and Tyga are reportedly involved in a physical fight: What We Know?

Travis Scott and Tyga are reportedly involved in a physical fight: What We Know?

Hollywood Unlocked claims Travis Scott and Tyga were physically fighting in France. However, according to the video, it’s unclear if the people fighting in Cannes are Travis and Tyga.

A video is going viral on the internet with claims of a physical fight between Travis Scott and Tyga. Many media outlets, including Hollywood Unlocked, reported the video with the names of two professional rappers. 

Hollywood Unlocked shared the video on Instagram with the caption, “Travis Scott and Tyga got into a physical altercation in Cannes. At this time, it is unclear what started the fight and if anyone was arrested.” 

They clarified that Travis Scott and Tyga were involved in the fight. However, the agency has no information on what led to the fight or whether anyone involved has been arrested. 

None of the rappers reportedly involved in the fight have issued any statements yet. The media is also unaware of Travis and Tyga’s actual locations. Therefore, it is challenging to claim anything about the viral video.

Viral Video regarding the Travis Scott and Tyga Fight, Credit: X, Rap Out of Context 

What is in the Video? 

In the viral video, two people are fighting, one being aggressive while the other is forcefully drawn into the altercation. Music is playing, and DJ lights are floating over the bodies of both parties involved. However, the DJ lights are not bright enough to see the faces clearly.

Soon, some security officials intervened and tried to end the fight. The music is switched off, and the video ends with the DJ saying “Stop” on the mic. Hopefully, the end of the video also ended the fight. 

Travis Scott and Tyga’s history 

At first, it’s hard to claim that Tyga and Scott are involved in the fight. Even if we assume for once that they are actually Scott and Tyga, then it is very difficult to find out the reason for their fight. There is no history of rift between the two rappers.

The only reason for the fight between these two could be Kylie Jenner. Don’t be surprised; the names of both rappers are linked to Jenner in history. Coincidentally, both are no longer with Jenner. So it is possible that because of Kylie, there may have been some dispute between the two, which took the form of a fight Yesterday.

Rest, claiming anything about the physical fight will be early without concrete evidence. 

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