US vs Pakistan: US, Full of Indian Players, Beats Pakistan

US vs Pakistan: US, Full of Indian Players, Beats Pakistan

The US vs Pakistan T20 match was a huge embarrassment for the men in green. Pakistan, a team full of star players, lost the battle in the Super Over.

In their first ICC tournament, the US team pulled off a stunning upset by defeating the experienced Pakistan, a former T20 World Cup winner. While there’s currently no accurate comparison between the two teams—Pakistan, with its rich history and star players, and the US, which is relatively weak and lacks prominent names—the outcome of the US vs. Pakistan match was a significant shock.

Despite these differences, Pakistan lost, and the US emerged victorious. This defeat is a shame for Pakistan cricket associates.

This defeat will hurt Pakistan even more because most of the players in the team they lost to are of Indian origin. On the other hand, the victory will not only please the young United States team but also give them confidence.

The US will also celebrate the way it dominated Pakistan in all aspects of T20 cricket. In the US vs. Pakistan match, the US team did everything a professional cricket team does to win matches.

US vs Pakistan Highlights

The United States won the toss and chose to bowl first. Rizwan and Babar came to open for Pakistan. Pakistan got the first dent in the very second over when Netravalkar sent Rizwan back.

In the third over, Pakistan lost Usman Khan, and in the fifth over, Fakhar Zaman. Even though wickets were falling from one side, Babar Azam, known as the future Virat Kohli, remained standing at the crease.

Babar stayed on the field for 16 overs and proved to the world why he should not be called the future Virat Kohli. Keeping the T20 format and his reputation in mind, Babar also played poorly. However, with Shadab Khan’s excellent 40-run innings, Pakistan succeeded in crossing the 150 mark. They set a target of 160 runs for the US.

Noshthush and Netravalkar took 3 and 2 wickets each for their team. Ali Khan and Jasdeep Singh also took one wicket each in the US vs Pakistan match.

US Batting

The US started well, at least better than the Asian Tigers, Pakistan. Skipper Monank Patel and Steven Taylor gave a good start to the US. However, they lost their first wicket with a total of 36 runs.

Monank played an impressive inning for the US and scored 50 runs off just 38 balls, better than the future Virat Kohli. Unfortunately, the US did not succeed in reaching the target even after 35 and 36-run innings from Andries and Jones. However, they tied the score.

US vs Pakistan Super Over

Pakistan was also disappointed in the Super Over. Amir bowled like a noob, and Jones hit like a pro. The US scored 18 runs in the Super Over and gave Pakistan a target of 19 runs.

In response, the Asian Tigers managed only 13 runs. They lost one wicket even in the Super Over and lost the match by five runs.

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