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Why are the Brazil footballers not wearing yellow shirts against England?
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Why are the Brazil footballers not wearing yellow shirts against England?

Brazil footballers are not wearing their iconic and luckiest yellow shirts against England in the Wembley friendly – reports. 


The upcoming friendly match between the Brazil and England football teams at Wembley Stadium on March 23 is set to reignite a rivalry paused for almost seven years. England will play host to this highly anticipated encounter between two footballing powerhouses, stirring excitement among fans worldwide.

Both teams have displayed commendable performances in recent years, earning admiration from supporters. With expectations soaring, fans eagerly await this historic clash.

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However, ahead of the match, Brazil made a strategic decision that captured attention: opting to unveil a new jersey, departing from their traditional yellow shirts. This move, orchestrated by the CBF and Nike, aims to introduce both shirts to fans ahead of the Copa America later this summer.

Why are Brazilian footballers not wearing their lucky yellow shirts? 

Brazil and England are playing a friendly football match after almost seven years. In the Wembley football match, the Brazilian Football Confederation, also known as CBF, and Nike deliberately decided to reveal a Blue jersey for the team. 

The Brazilian team has been wearing yellow shirts for years. However, the officials have now decided to launch a blue jersey for the team they want to introduce to the audience before Copa America. This is why Brazil is wearing blue shirts against England. 

However, in their upcoming game against Spain, Brazil footballers will again be seen in the yellow charm. Nonetheless, England will stick to their white jersey in the match against Brazil. 

Facts to Know

England also have plans to unveil another purple kit against Belgium at Wembley next week. 

Brazil will be without key players such as Neymar, Gabriel Jesus, Marquinhos, Casemiro, Gabriel Martinelli, Alisson Becker, and Ederson due to injuries. This will pose a significant challenge for manager Dorival Junior, who will lead his first match on Saturday evening after taking over from Fernando Diniz.

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