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Why is Boycott Germany Trending on social media? 

Many social media posts and photos are trending with the hashtag boycott Germany, mainly in India. Let’s see why is boycott Germany trending? 

Indians have been trending to boycott Germany for the last couple of hours. However, the same trend appears at least once every 2-4 months. Are there any diplomatic issues between India and Germany? Is there any disputed land between these two nations? 

Well, it is nothing like that. A girl named Ariha Shah is living with a German family, and her parents want her back. Since the girl is from India, Indians are trending to Boycott Germany to get the child back.

What is the full story of Ariha Shah? 

An Indian couple living in Berlin, Germany, welcomed a baby girl in February 2021. Her parents named the girl Ariha Shah. In September 2021, Ariha’s grandparents came to Germany to meet their son and granddaughter. According to the girl’s family, Ariha got injured accidentally because of her grandmother. It was not an intentional assault, the parents have claimed. 

However, the family took Ariha to the hospital for medical checkups and treatment. Firstly, doctor, it’s okay, you may go. But when the couple went to the hospital for the next time, German child services took the kid under their custody. 

Child Services says the couple is unable to raise a child properly. Authorities also accused the parents of sexual abuse and released the girl into the custody of a German family. 

After this, the parents are fighting for the custody of the girl. They are trying everything possible to bring the girl back. Indians support the family by putting pressure on both the Indian and German governments. 

Why boycott Germany? 

Indians have two reasons to boycott Germany in the Ariha Shah case. First and most importantly, the girl belongs to India and has an unconditional relationship with every Indian. 

However, the trends are not limited to India; they are being set by many other countries as well. This is because the girl belongs to the Jain community, which is found in many countries all over the world. 

The Jain community is known for their simple living and high thinking. They do not eat nonveg. But, in the case of Ariha, she is eating nonveg even after belonging to the Jain community. Ariha is eating nonveg just because she is living with a non-Jain family. So, it is the second trigger for hashtags against Germany. 

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