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A 5.5 Magnitude Earthquake Hit New York and New Jersey
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A 5.5 Magnitude Earthquake Hit New York and New Jersey

Although the 5.5 magnitude Earthquake has not impacted the properties of human lives, it destroyed a UN meeting regarding Gaza. 

The European Mediterranean Seismological Center reveals, a 5.5 magnitude earthquake hit New York and New Jersey. No serious consequences of tremors have been noticed till yet. 

As per the reports, the New York earthquake was at a depth of almost 10 kilometers, about 6.21 miles. Kathy Hochul confirmed that the quake was felt across the state on Friday. 

“My team is assessing impacts and any damage that may have occurred, and we will update the public throughout the day,” Kathy posted on X, formally Twitter. 

At the same time, according to Deputy Mayor of New York City, Fabien Levy, there have been no significant reports of the 5.5 magnitude earthquake’s effects on the city. 

The meeting regarding Gaza was postponed due to the 5.5 Magnitude Earthquake. 

However, the Earthquake did not impact city residents or buildings on a big scale; it damaged the way of peace. A security council meeting regarding child security and human rights in Gaza was scheduled at the UN. Unfortunately, due to the tremors in New York and New Jersey, the meeting was suspended. 

No Casualties reported 

Amid reports of tremors being felt from New York City to Washington DC, the Police Department confirmed that no serious casualties or building damages have occurred due to the earthquake. However, the department is still active with all its men in a ready to save position. 

In addition to the New York Police, the City Fire Department is also active. After receiving the reports of the earthquake and shaking buildings, the Fire Department also assured that no major incidents have occurred till now. They are responding to all the calls and are ready to tackle the situation. 

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People reactions 

Following the 5.5 magnitude earthquake, people started sharing their reactions on social media. 

Justin Trudeau wrote on X.

“I’ve been briefed about the #Earthquake in New York, and our military stands ready to help. That’s we’re loading up cargo planes with tampons for all the men’s bathrooms in America. Gender language is the best way to fight earthquakes and hurricanes.” 

Half Engineer wrote on X.

#earthquake tremors felt in New York?

Did anyone notice? I hope everyone is safe।

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