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Ariana Grande’s new song will be released this Friday

Finally, after about three years, the wait is over. Ariana Grande’s new song has been announced by Grande herself. 

Ariana Grande has finally confirmed the new song that she hinted at in 2023. Grande, through an Instagram post, has confirmed the release of the song. The actress announced on Sunday morning that the first single of her seventh album is going to be released on January 12. 

Check Ariana’s Instagram post.

In her Instagram post, Grande also wrote “Yes, And?” which fans are assuming is the probable title of her new song. However, we cannot say anything confirmed, whether it is the album title, video title, or something else. 

Let us tell you that Ariana has changed her Spotify profile after three years. The new profile looks like a photo from her new album. This all has taken hype to the next level. 

Previous indications and fans’ reactions 

Fans have been waiting for this installment by Ariana for the last three years or after 2020 when she released her last album. After that album, Ariana started concentrating on other projects like her business and movie role. 

However, she knew very well that fans were eagerly waiting for Ariana’s new song. This is why she is back with her new song in 2024, right after getting time from other projects. She already hinted at her comeback in 2024 with a post last year. 

Now, when fans have something to react to in the form of Ariana Grande’s new song, they are sharing their expectations with the song. 

Fans are now sharing different kinds of memes and posts on social media to express their happiness. Some have also taken the responsibility to share the news with all Ariana lovers. 

Allegra wrote on X, yes, and? By Ariana Grande is 3:35 minutes long and is explicit to boost the excitement even more. 

At the same time, some fans started saying all they were feeling about Grande. Pop Base wrote that Ariana Grande has started teasing her upcoming era via her Sweetener Instagram account. 


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