Attack on Rohingya Muslims in Indonesia

Attack on Rohingya muslims in Indonesia

Indonesian students stormed a convention center housing hundreds of Rohingya refugees from Myanmar. The attack on Rohingya Muslims took place on December 27 in the city of Banda Aceh. 

Troubles for Rohingya Muslims are increasing continuously around the world. Almost all countries are now constantly trying to expel Rohingya Muslims directly or indirectly. Now, the situation is such that Muslim countries are also trying to drive out Rohingya Muslims. 

A recent incident in Indonesia is a living example of the kind of rejection Rohingya Muslims are facing these days. Remember that Indonesia is a Muslim nation where over 87% of citizens practice Islam. Furthermore, Indonesia was the country that welcomed Rohingya refugees when its neighboring countries refused to take them.

What happened in Indonesia against Rohingya Muslims? 

The attack on Rohingya Muslims took place when hundreds of Indonesian students stormed a convention house. As per the CCTV footage, many students wearing green jackets rushed into the building where Rohingya Muslims and their children were seated on the floor. The student crowd started pushing Rohingya Muslims out. 

According to reports, it was a pre-planned attack and the result of a coordinated online campaign of hate speech and misinformation.

What happened after students attacked Rohingya Muslims in Indonesia? 

Immediately after the attack on Rohingya Muslims, they were thrown out of our shelter house. Immediately after the accident, government officials sent the refugees to another shelter house. Some footage of Rohingya Muslims coming out of the shelter with their belongings in plastic packets is also viral.

According to local people, the Rohingyas looked shocked and scared while leaving the place.

What does the UN do about the attack?

The United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) has reacted to the attack on Rohingya Muslims in Indonesia. In a statement, UNHCR said it was deeply disturbing to see a mob attack on a site sheltering vulnerable refugee families, the majority being children and women, and called for better protection. 

However, apart from this statement, no concrete steps have been taken by the United Nations. Since Indonesia is not a signatory to the 1951 UN Convention on Refugees, no major action is expected.

Why did students attack Rohingya Muslims in Indonesia?

The attacks on Rohingya Muslims are driven by dissatisfaction with their lifestyle, as locals express frustration over the rising number of refugees in the country and their living habits. People believe that the way Rohingya Muslims live is detrimental to the overall system of the country, contributing to tensions and conflicts.

Locals are also frustrated because of the arrival of thousands of refugees per year. While talking with the media, a student said they came here uninvited; they feel like it is their country. 

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