“Boy Meets World” Star Trina McGee is Expecting 4th Child at 54 

"Boy Meets World" Star Trina McGee is Expecting 4th Child at 54 

Trina McGee is expecting her fourth baby at the tender age of 54. The actress took to social media and shared the good news.

The saying “age is just a number” remains relevant. According to science, women over 45 years old may find it extremely difficult to get pregnant. However, “Boy Meets World” star Trina McGee, with her unwavering courage and resilience, has proved it possible. 

Trina announced surprising news on her social media, which shocked her fans completely. At the age of 54, she is pregnant for the fourth time. 

Trina’s Instagram post read, “At the tender age of 53 I have found myself pregnant.” It’s not an age to be pregnant and Trina understands it well. In her announcement post, we can clearly read that she found herself pregnant. This means, she had no plans to be pregnant at the tender age of 54. Trina also shared her initial reaction to the news, expressing her surprise and joy. 

Trina also expressed her heartfelt gratitude towards her fans, asking for their prayers for a safe delivery. “Please bless us with your prayers for a safe delivery,” McGee wrote in her Instagram post. She concluded the post by saying a beautiful “Thank You” to her fans, making them feel appreciated and included in her journey. 

Fans Reactions 

In addition, she also informed the fans about her break from social media. “Gonna sign off social media for a bit,” she captioned the post, citing the need for rest and privacy during this crucial time in her life. 

Now, fans are pouring in their love and support on Trina McGee’s post, creating a sense of unity and warmth within the fan community. 

One user wrote on her Instagram post. Whatttttt?! That’s amazing! Congratulations momma 🥰🥰🥰

Another user congratulated Trina, “Congratulations 🎉🎊 and yeah stay off the internet for your wellbeing.” 

One other user wrote, “Cousin! Congrats❤️❤️ my daughter is due in November. So excited about the babies were being blessed with.” 

Trina McGee is already the mother of three children. She has two children from her ex-husband, Courtland Davis, who parted ways with her in 2001. She also has another child from her previous relationship. 

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