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Cillian Murphy is returning as Tommy Shelby in Peaky Blinders
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Cillian Murphy is returning as Tommy Shelby in Peaky Blinders

We have some good news for the fans of Cillian Murphy and his fictional characters. After the massive success of Oppenheimer, Cillian Murphy is set to reprise one of his most loved characters, Tommy Shelby. 


Cillian Murphy has confirmed the return of his beloved character, Tommy Shelby. The Academy Award winner Murphy will play Tommy’s character in the highly anticipated Peaky Blinders, a film adaptation of the popular series with the same title. 

Fans’ expectations have been sky-high from the moment Steven Knight announced Murphy’s portrayal of Tommy Shelby. 

As per a report by Variety, while talking to media at the premier of his new BBC series, Knight revealed the news. The creator expressed his excitement for the project and Cillian Murphy‘s involvement and said, “He definitely is returning for it.” 

He also revealed that the shoot of this much-awaited movie will begin in September 2024. However, there is no update on the release date or year of Peaky Blinders’ film adaptation. 

Peaky Blinders storyline 

Peaky Blinders originally debuted on BBC Two in 2013. However, it gained huge popularity after being launched on Netflix. The series was concluded in April 2022. 

The movie revolves around a gangster, Shelby, family. In the years after World War I, in Birmingham, England, the Shelby family became known as a brutal gang. They sew razor blades into their caps, making them even more feared.

Tommy Shelby, the second oldest brother, is the real mastermind behind their operations. Though his older brother Arthur is the official head, Tommy’s the one with big dreams of expanding their criminal empire.

Back from fighting in the war, the Shelby brothers dive back into their shady dealings. 

They want to grow their influence beyond Birmingham, but they quickly find out that the criminal world is a dangerous place.

Tommy leads the charge, and with the help of their loyal gang, the Peaky Blinders, they aim to make their mark on history. But achieving greatness comes with a price, and they’ll face plenty of challenges.

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