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Coffee vs Tea: Pros and Cons of two most popular beverages 
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Coffee vs Tea: Pros and Cons of two most popular beverages 

Coffee vs Tea! Comparing Coffee and tea can elicit strong emotions, as both beverages have dedicated followers. Coffee lovers often have unwavering loyalty, while tea lovers have the same passion.

Each drink offers different tastes, aromas, and cultural significance, catering to different tastes and preferences. However, apart from the flavor and aroma, their benefits and disadvantages for health are points that should be noticed.

Let’s explore the beverage that won the battle in Coffee vs Tea in terms of health significance. 

Coffee vs Tea: Pros

Even the United States Food and Drug Administration said that healthy people can safely take 4 to 5 cups of tea or Coffee. The FDA never approves something that has only cons, so there must be some pros. 

The pros of both hot drinks depend on their ingredients. Tea and Coffee both contain some beneficial and some harmful ingredients. 

Coffee vs Tea: Pros and Cons of two most popular beverages


Your morning coffee is a good source of fiber, a necessary ingredient for the human body. A cup of Coffee contains about 2 grams of fiber, and three cups give you about one-fifth of the daily fiber needed.  

On the other hand, tea has almost zero grams of fiber in each cup. So, in fiber availability comparison, Coffee vs tea, Coffee wins the battle. 

Mental Focus

Both tea and Coffee are mostly consumed to increase mental focus. They contain a good amount of Coffee and help you concentrate. However, caffeine can also be dangerous if taken in excess, which we will discuss later.

The amount of caffeine in tea and Coffee can vary depending on which type of tea or Coffee you are consuming. However, it is believed that Coffee contains 100 ml, almost two times higher caffeine than tea. 

According to the Mayo Clinic, 400 ml of caffeine is enough for the human body. So, Coffee wins the battle once again. However, tea is safe for people who consume more than 4 cups of hot drinks. 

Coffee vs Tea: Pros and Cons of two most popular beverages 
Lemon tea

Good for Heart 

According to studies, tea and Coffee are both excellent for the heart. They lessen the risk of severe heart diseases like stroke. The antioxidants and polyphenols in Coffee and tea are protective for heart health. 

Clinical trials have even proved that tea, especially green tea, can improve blood pressure and cholesterol. Similarly, Coffee also has certain health benefits. So, while fighting heart diseases, both tea and coffee have almost equal effects. 

We consider this round of Coffee vs tea tie as both are good for the heart if taken in limited quantities. 

Source of Polyphenols 

Tea and Coffee are considered as a boon to the gun microbiome. They contain good amounts of polyphenols, micronutrients that naturally occur from plants. According to health professionals, Polyphenols help decrease the risk of developing chronic diseases. 

In addition, it improves the quantity of beneficial bacteria to keep us healthy. 

Coffee has more polyphenols than tea. So, Coffee wins the third out of four rounds yet. 

Less risk of Cancer 

Some medical studies suggest that tea or coffee drinkers are at less cancer risk. According to BMC Cancer, regular Coffee user had a 13 percent less risk of cancer compared to people who do not take Coffee or take it occasionally. 

Taking regular Coffee helps protect against prostate, colorectal, liver, oral, endometrial, and breast cancer. The data suggests that Coffee contains some biologically active compounds that reduce inflammation and cell damage and improve genes involved in DNA repair. 

Inflammation is the reason behind heart diseases, obesity and mainly the Cancer. So, Coffee helps avoid Cancer. However, we don’t have enough evidence to say the same for tea, and we consider Coffee the winner. 

Help reduce Stress

From a birthday party to a proposal by your crush, stress destroys everything. Unfortunately, there are no safe medications to help you get rid of stress. No worry; if stress can destroy everything, tea has the potential to destroy stress. 

Tea reduces cortisol levels, a brain chemical that causes stress. Medical professionals also believe that drinking green or black tea has great benefits against stress. 

On the other hand, Coffee contains higher levels of caffeine, which can increase the levels of cortisol. So, here wins tea. 


However nothing is sure about death or life, tea and coffe drinkers live longer than people who dont take either beverage. 

Accordng to Annals, a study on about half million people over a 14-year period and found that individuals who take tea live 9 to 13 percent longer than people who don’t. 

Similarly, a report suggests that people who consume Coffee on a regular basis have 30 percent fewer chance of death in comparison to people who don’t. 

This round is also a tie between the battle of Coffee vs tea. 

Please note that the most benefits of tea comes from green and black tea. They may reduce in case of a milk tea. 

Cons of Coffee and Tea


Caffeine is the main and most dangerous ingredient found in tea and Coffee. It causes multiple health diseases like insomnia, restlessness, nervousness, increased heart rate, nausea, etc. 

People who consume these beverages in higher amounts are at risk of multiple health issues. And since tea contains less caffeine than Coffee, it has less side effects as well. 

Risks associated with added sugar 

There is a list of health issues like diabetes, obesity, and BP that occur due to sugar use. If someone takes excessive amounts of sugar added to tea or coffee, they are at risk of these health conditions. 

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There may be some other consequences as well. However, we have highlighted the main ones for you. We suggest you contact a health specialist to learn all about the benefits and disadvantages of tea and Coffee. 

We do not disrespect your tea or coffee love, but we suggest you take them within limits. Rest, please do not consider this blog a doctor alternate; visit with your doctor for more information. 

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