David Foster Is Getting Backlash Due to Katharine McPhee: Viral Video

David Foster Is Getting Backlash Due to Katharine McPhee

A video featuring David Foster and Katharine McPhee has gone viral on social media. Fans have expressed disappointment, accusing the video of containing racist content.

David Foster faces backlash on social media due to his remarks about his wife, Katharine McPhee. In a viral video, Foster can be heard calling McPhee “fat,” a comment that many find offensive and racist. People are criticizing him for his insensitive remark.

Some are defending Foster, suggesting he was just joking. Fans are still criticizing David’s remark, noting McPhee’s past struggles with eating disorders, which resurfaced during her pregnancy.

David Foster and McPhee Viral Video

The controversial clip originates from an event where Katharine McPhee shared memories of the early days of her relationship with her husband, David Foster. In the video, she describes herself as a little chubby at that time. Foster interjects, looking at a projected photo of McPhee, and says, “Oh, yeah, you were fat.”

At the time, the atmosphere was lighthearted and full of laughter. However, when the video went viral on social media, people started criticizing Foster for his remarks. Some tried to defend him by claiming the statement was a joke, but many are not willing to tolerate such comments, even in jest, deeming them inappropriate and insensitive.

Katharine McPhee’s Relationship History

McPhee had a few notable relationships before her marriage to David Foster, which was the most prominent.

  • Nick Cokas (2008–2016): Katharine McPhee married Nick Cokas, a stage actor, in 2008. They were together for eight years before separating in 2014 and finalizing their divorce in 2016.
  • Elyes Gabel (2014–2016): McPhee dated her “Scorpion” co-star Elyes Gabel for nearly two years. Their relationship ended in 2016.
  • David Foster (2019–Present): McPhee began dating musician and producer David Foster in 2017. The couple got engaged in 2018 and married in June 2019. Their relationship has garnered significant media attention due to their 35-year age difference. Despite this, they have publicly expressed their love and support for each other. In February 2021, David and Katharine welcomed their first child, a son named Rennie David Foster.

Katharine McPhee’s marriage to David Foster has been marked by public scrutiny and support.

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