Elaine Welteroth Describes Her Pregnancy as Part of God’s Plan

Elaine Welteroth Describes Her Pregnancy as Part of God's Plan

Elaine Welteroth is pregnant with a second baby. She says, “This was not part of my plan. This is God’s plan.” 

Popular American journalist, author, and television host Elaine Welteroth has announced that she is pregnant. She shared the exciting news of expecting her second baby on Thursday during an interview with People

While talking about her pregnancy, she says, “This was not part of my plan. This is God’s plan. But as we were building the birthFund, I happened to find out that my baby’s going to be part of the first birthFund cohort.” 

Elaine Welteroth also discussed her second pregnancy experience and described it “better.” She says, “So good and so much better than I did last time because this time I have a midwife from the beginning. Last time, I did not even discover midwifery until my third trimester.” 

She added, “I did not even work up the nerve to do a home birth until week 36. So this time, my pregnancy experience has transformed because I have access.” 

The pregnancy was a “shock” for Elaine Welteroth as she had no plans for it. However, when she knew, she just had to surrender. 

“I guess this is part of the bigger master plan, and it deepened the meaning of this work because it felt even more personal,” she said. 

Elaine Welteroth’s first baby 

Elaine Welteroth had her first baby with her husband, Jonathan Singletary. Their baby boy, named Silver Isley, was born in April 2022. Welteroth waited almost one and a half years to become pregnant. However, as per the TV host, she did not have any pregnancy plans.

Elaine Welteroth launched her BirthFund, a specific initiative inspired by her personal experience of becoming a mother. The program is designed to provide financial support for new parents, particularly those from underserved communities. 

It aims to help alleviate the financial burden of childbirth and early parenthood by offering grants or other assistance. The initiative seeks to address disparities in maternal health and provide resources to enhance new families’ well-being.

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