Gautam Gambhir and S. Sreesanth Fight: Full Story

Gautam Gambhir and S. Sreesanth

Gautam Gambhir and S. Sreesanth are currently trending on the Internet due to a hot moment that happened on the ground in Legends League. 

Gautam Gambhir and S. Sreesanth have shared some heated moments on the ground during a Legends League Cricket (LLC) match. Both former Indian cricketers have played together in the Indian jersey and are part of the Indian world-winning team. 

The online clash between former Indian cricket captain G.G. and Sreesanth started when G.G. posted a picture on Twitter, poking fun at Sreesanth. G.G. shared a smiling photo with the caption, “Smile when the world is all about attention.”

Sreesanth didn’t take it well and replied with a long comment on the same post. In a nutshell, Sreesanth said, “I respected G.G. until now. But calling me a ‘Fixer’ has cost him that respect. He can’t label me when the court has declared him innocent. God and I won’t forgive Gautam Gambhir.”

Complete Story of Gautam Gambhir and S. Sreesanth’s Argument

The incident unfolded on December 6 during a Legends League match between S. Sreesanth and G. Gambhir. Despite the game initially proceeding smoothly, tensions rose between the bowler and batsman. On-field, the dispute was resolved with the intervention of umpires and players. However, post-match, Sreesanth accused Gambhir of using offensive language and calling him a fixer.

Gautam Gambhir responded indirectly by posting a picture on his social media account, which he sarcastically captioned, “Smile when the world is all about attention.” Sreesanth angrily commented, “You have lost your respect in my eyes; you are no one to call me a fixer.”

Since then, the hatred has spilled over to social media, with both players engaging in activities to provoke each other. Sreesanth is especially posting aggressive videos against Gambhir on Instagram.

LLC action in the controversy

In response to the Gautam Gambhir and S. Sreesanth controversy, the Legends League Commission (LLC) has issued a notice against S. Sreesanth, branding him a rule breaker. The LLC declared that Sreesanth violated the contract terms during the T20 match. They specified that discussions could only proceed if Sreesanth removed all the posted videos on social media.

Harbhajan Singh on S. Sreesanth Controversy 

Former Indian bowler Harbhajan Singh has also weighed in on the Sreesanth controversy. When asked about Sreesanth’s behavior, Singh referenced a famous dialogue from Shahrukh Khan, stating, “Small things happen in big cities.” Additionally, Harbhajan acknowledged his past controversy with S. Sreesanth, admitting fault in that incident and describing it as an old story.

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