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Martin Luther Jr
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Great works done by Martin Luther Jr.

The United States celebrates the birthday of the great Martin Luther on every third Monday of January. It is also popularly known as Martin Luther Jr. Day or MLK Day. On this great occasion, let’s read the top works by Martin Luther Jr. 

Martin Luther Jr., born in 1929, was a true activist in the Civil Rights Movement, which opposed racial discrimination in federal and state law and civil society. King was the leader of several campaigns against racism in the United States. 

Top works done by Martin Luther Jr. 

Martin Luther is popularly known as a social worker all over the world. He did multiple works dedicated to humanity and social development. Before the assassination, King did various great works for racial equality in the United States. 

Montgomery bus boycott

Martin Luther played a crucial role in the Montgomery bus boycott protest. It was a protest against the policy of racial segregation on the public transit system of Montgomery, Alabama. The Montgomery bus boycott was a vast American protest that ran for more than two weeks. 

This social movement played a vital role in the immersion of Great Martin Luther Jr. 

Youth March for Integrated Schools 

Under the leadership of A. Philip Randolph, a prominent civil rights activist, Luther fought to promote the desegregation of American public schools. The March 1 occurred in October 1958, and the second in April 1958. 

Luther played an essential role in both of these marches against racial discrimination. 

Prayer Pilgrimage for Freedom

The Prayer Pilgrimage for Freedom, also known as the Prayer Pilgrimage to Washington, was the first time Martin Luther Jr. gave the Ballot speech. It was a civil rights movement that took place on May 17, 1957. 

Albany Movement 

The Albany movement is known as one of the most significant social movements in the United States. It began in 1961 and lasted until the summer of 1962 as the first mass movement in the modern civil rights era. 

Martin Luther Jr. was an active member of this movement with some other SCLC members. 

Birmingham Campaign

Birmingham Campaign, aka the Birmingham movement, was another social movement by SCLC. Martin Luther Jr. was the leader of this movement to bring attention to the integration efforts of African Americans in Birmingham, Alabama. 

In addition to these movements, Martin Luther organized and participated in many other social activities that we will bring later on. 

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