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Gwen Stefani’s gardening video goes viral

Gwen Stefani’s gardening video has stolen fans’ hearts and gone viral on social media. Fans are now reacting to the video and sharing their thoughts on Stefani’s love for plants. 

Gwen Stefani shared a video of her gardening plans in 2024. In the video, he introduced fans to his garden and revealed his gardening plans for the new year. Fans liked the video as much as they started sharing it with others, and the video went viral. 

In her viral video with the caption “2024 is blooming already,” Gwen Stefani said, “Got ready to do a little gardening, just redoing these beds. She pointed to her plants while saying this. 

She then picked up some peonies and said, “These are very incredible, and I have never done them.” She added, “They take ten years to mature, so I will see you in 10 years. 

After that, the singer fast-forwarded through the process of planting in a montage and showed most of the flowers in her garden. The most important thing fans liked most was that she pruned plants, dug roots, and got her hands dirty. 

In the video, fans can also see Gwen Stefani’s family in the viral video. One of her three sons can be seen waving across the garden in Gwen Stefani’s gardening viral video. 

Fans reactions 

Now that Gwen Stefani’s gardening video has gone viral, fans consistently share their thoughts on the video. Some appreciate her work and love for the plants, while some point out her big nails. 

A fan wrote that the talent it must take to do any amount of gardening with those nails is mystifying.

Another fan wrote on Gwen Stefani’s gardening viral video. I just love how she and Blake are literally opposites, but they balance each other out and influence each other in beautiful ways. 

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