Illegal Gold Mining and Landslide Kills At least 12 in Indonesia

Illegal Gold Mining and Landslide Kills At least 12 in Indonesia

A landslide occurred due to torrential rain and killed about 12 laborers working on site. About 18 workers are still missing in the debris from the landslide. 

A tragic accident occurred on Indonesia’s Sulawesi island at an unauthorized gold mine. A sudden landslide, triggered by torrential rain, claimed the lives of approximately 12 workers who were laboring for their livelihood. According to reports, about 18 workers remain missing, with slim chances of survival.

Gorontalo’s Search and Rescue Agency spokesperson, Afifuddin Ilahude, disclosed that about 33 workers were working at the time the accident occurred. 

He said, “About 33 villagers were digging for grains of gold on Sunday in a pit at the small traditional gold mine in remote Bone Bolango in Gorontalo province when tons of mud plunged gold down the surrounding hills and buried them.” 

Fortunately, the rescue teams safely rescued three workers. However, the most recent updates report that 12 bodies have been recovered from the mud. Additionally, around 18 workers are still missing, and the rescue team is actively searching for them.

According to the officials, the rescue consisted of 164 personnel, including police, national rescue teams, and military officials. 

Who is responsible for the accident?

The cause of the tragedy was clearly a landslide. However, the workers could have been saved if they had access to essential information and tools for their safety. Landslides do not form instantaneously; they take time and have identifiable causes.

With proper attention, it would have been known that torrential rains can trigger landslides. There was sufficient time to evacuate the workers from the mine and transport them to a safer location.

Unfortunately, due to the illegal nature of the mining operation, there was a lack of information, humanity, and safety measures, leading to the preventable deaths of the workers.

Let’s see what happens and what actions the authorities take against this unauthorized mining. 

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