Is AJ Lee Returning? See what CM Punk Shares 

Is AJ Lee Returning? See what CM Punk Shares

Former WWE star AJ Lee has a huge number of fans who always want to see him in the ring at least once. Lee’s husband, CM Punk, shared some words on her return, and it raised fans’ expectations.


AJ Lee, wife of WWE superstar CM Punk, is a former WWE wrestler who took retirement from wrestling in 2015. Punk has shared an update on AJ’s potential return to the Stamford-based company. 

During his recent appearance on The MMA Hour, CM Punk talked about numerous things. He talked about his experience and career with WWE, his return to the WWE and most importantly the return of AJ Lee. 

When Ariel Helwani asked about the comeback of AJ Lee in WWE, CM broke fans’ hearts. 

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What did the CM say?

He said, “Probably not. I think there is (an open door). Selfishly, I would love it (her return). I am her biggest fan. So, I love everything she does.” 

However, Punk clearly said a big “not” for AJ Lee’s return to the ring. His very next statement kept the hopes alive. CM Punk was asked if he was foreshadowing AJ Lee’s return to the wrestling promotion. The former WWE champion responded positively and referred to something similar that happened after his famous pipe bomb. 

He said, “Maybe I am. I don’t know. Again, there is that line. I know how to do things. Think about the pipe bomb. All those guys I mentioned were suddenly on TV within weeks. Heyman, Laurinaitis.”

AJ Lee’s WWE career 

April Jeanette Mendez is an American screenwriter, author, and retired wrestler. In the WWE, she is known as AJ Lee. She started her wrestling career in 2007 in New Jersey. AJ signed with WWE in 2009 and spent two years in the developmental branch. After that, she was promoted to the main roster. 

AJ took retirement from wrestling in 2015. 

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