January 9: What is special today? 

January 9

The day of January 9 has great significance for the whole world as well as for America. There are some great national days on January 9 that you can check out here.

International Choreographers Day

International Choreographers Day is not very popular in all countries of the world. However, it has great importance in developed countries like the United States. International Choreographers Day is dedicated to choreographers all across the world. From modern to classical, every dance millennia has a creator, a choreographer. 

We all love to dance at some point in time, and it gives us a lot of pleasure. To appreciate the people who have created and enhanced this art form, the International Choreographers Day is celebrated. 

History of International Choreographer Day

The dance has an uncountable history. It was started, most probably, from the date music came. While normal people enjoyed the dance steps, pro-people took it to the next level by developing new dance steps. 

Play God Day

Play God Day is a kind of day that encourages us to do something for others. We mostly prefer to do things we find pleasant. However, Play God Day is something that gives us an opportunity to work for others’ pleasure. 

Poetry at Work Day

Poetry at Work Day comes as an opportunity for people who love writing. It is celebrated as a dedicated day for aspiring writers who are working for something else.

National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

However, most policemen are not that good from a civilian’s point of view. People see police officers as their enemies. However, this is not the complete truth. Many policemen still work hard for their duty and intend to support normal people. 

National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day is celebrated to thank these brave and honest officers on January 9. 

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