Jerry Jones Selling Dallas Cowboys to Saudi Arabia, Check the Truth 

Jerry Jones Selling Dallas Cowboys to Saudi Arabia, Check the Truth 

A new rumor regarding the Dallas Cowboys has hit the market. According to the spread, Jerry Jones is selling one of the most expensive franchises in North America.

The relationship between rumors and the Dallas Cowboys is like a skirt and a blouse—they are inseparable. Whenever people get bored, they start assuming something peculiar, and once the assumptions are made, they spread them with Dallas. 

Fox Sports 1 host Craig Carton has spread the latest rumor about Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys. Carton randomly announced that Jerry Jones, the owner and general manager of the Cowboys, is selling the franchise. 

Despite having no concrete evidence or references, the rumor is spreading like wildfire. It seems Craig, perhaps after a few drinks, decided to make a sensational statement, and eager fans, hungry for exciting news, started sharing it rapidly to be the first to break the story. 

“I think they’re going to sell the team,” Carton said. “I would not be surprised if we start hearing rumblings that Jerry Jones is going after hedge funds in Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi, trying to find the suitor to give him the largest check ever given to the owner of a North American sports franchise,” the host concluded. 

However, according to our research, there is no evidence to support this rumor. Jerry Jones has not released any statement indicating plans to sell the Dallas Cowboys. Jones, known for his unwavering commitment to the team, is unlikely to sell one of the most successful sports franchises. 

Dallas Cowboys Achievements 

The Dallas Cowboys have provided countless moments of joy to their fans and owners alike. It’s hard to imagine Jones parting with such a cherished franchise to anyone, let alone to a buyer from overseas.

The Dallas Cowboys are one of the most successful and storied franchises in NFL history. They have won five Super Bowl championships: in 1971, 1977, 1992, 1993, and 1995. The Cowboys hold the record for the most successive winning seasons, achieving 20 from 1966 to 1985. 

The team has produced many Hall of Fame players and iconic moments, cementing its place as a premier team in American sports.

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