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Johnny Sins Collaborates with Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh

Johnny Sins and Indian actor Ranveer Singh have collaborated on an advertisement video. The advertisement is based on the theme of Indian saas-bahu (mother-in-law and daughter-in-law) drama to address erectile dysfunction.

Popular American adult actor Johnny Sins, known for his porn movies, has recently joined Ranveer Singh for a brand promotion. In the advertisement video, Johnny and Ranveer are shown in traditional Indian dresses. 

Ranveer Singh is known for his bold choices and decisions in his reel and real life. At the same time, Johnny Sins’ boldness needs no words to explain. The duo has done something very bold without crossing the limits of a sexual healthcare brand. 

What is the advertisement? 

Johnny and Ranveer have promoted a brand named Bold Care. This brand is usually known for its medications for people suffering from sexual health conditions. 

In the promotion video, Johnny’s wife’s character is leaving the house due to her husband (Johnny’s character) having an erectile dysfunction problem. Suddenly, Ranveer’s character comes and asks the reason why she (Johnny’s wife) is leaving the house. 

Johnny’s wife tries to tell about Johnny’s impotence in different ways in front of everyone, due to which Johnny has to face a lot of embarrassment. And then Johnny’s mother slaps her daughter-in-law and she falls down the first floor. 

Then, suddenly, Ranveer gives a pill to Johnny, and once it is taken, Johnny jumps to save her wife. He not only saves his wife but also satisfies her within seconds. 

After all this drama, Ranveer promoted the brand and concluded his collaboration with Johnny Sins. 

Johnny Sins’ collaboration with BB

This is not the first time Johnny Sins has collaborated with any Indian artist. He has already worked with comedian and actor Bhuwan Bam in an interview video. Johnny’s collaboration with Bhuwan Ban was a comedy interview video that was released four years ago. 

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