Jonathan Majors Gets Emotional While Receiving Perseverance Award

Jonathan Majors Gets Emotional While Receiving Perseverance Award

Jonathan Majors opens up about his experiences after the 2023 sentencing. He stated that his faith has been tested and strengthened by assault and harassment convictions.

Ant-Man actor Jonathan Majors received the Perseverance Award at the 2024 Hollywood Unlocked Impact Awards on June 21. Majors is completing 12 months of a court-ordered domestic violence intervention program.

While on stage, Jonathan said, “I reckon folks want to know about this last year. As a Black man in the criminal justice system, I felt anger. I felt sadness, hurt, and surprise.”

Jonathan Majors started from the very beginning, “When they snatched me up out of my apartment in handcuffs, I did not feel like all that. I did not feel like Jonathan Majors, I felt like a little scared, weak boy,” he said.

Majors looked entirely emotional while speaking about the conviction and its consequences. He particularly mentioned Black people in his statement. “We live in a world where men, Black men in particular, are propped up as either superheroes or supervillains,” he said.

However, Jonathan does not consider himself either of these two. He thinks he is an ordinary man with no superpowers and is imperfect. He also said, “I have sat in that pitch black, and what I have learned is that when we catch a glimpse of light, you run as hard and as fast as you can towards it.”

After a long speech, Jonathan Majors concluded with thanks to people who were always with him. He thanked his girlfriend, Meagan Good, his family, and actors like Will Smith, Whoopi Goldberg, and Tyler Perry.

While talking to Good, he said, “I love you with all my strength, with all my heart. You carried me so, so, so, so many nights.”

Jonathan Majors’ Conviction

Jonathan Majors, the American actor, faced legal issues in 2023. He was arrested in New York City. The charges included assault, strangulation, and harassment. These followed a domestic dispute with a woman, reportedly his then-girlfriend. Majors allegedly grabbed her hand and slapped her, causing visible injuries.

Majors denied the allegations. His legal team claimed he was innocent. They argued that there was evidence to clear his name, including video footage and witness testimony. The case drew significant media attention. Majors’ career and his roles in major upcoming projects were at stake.

He was sentenced to spend 52 weeks in an in-person domestic violence intervention program.

The fourth annual Hollywood Unlocked Impact Awards took place in Los Angeles. The event was hosted by Tiffany Haddish. Designer Christian Louboutin received the Innovator Award, Fat Joe the Culture Award, and Cardi B the Inspiration Award.

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