Media Mogul Rupert Murdoch Marries At Age of 93: Meet His Fifth Wife

Media Mogul Rupert Murdoch Marries At Age of 93

Popular Media tycoon Rupert Murdoch has married for the fifth time at the age of 93. The Australian tycoon has six children from his ex-wives.

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Media Mogul Rupert Murdoch has married for the fifth time with a retired Russian biologist, Elena Zhukova. Murdoch tied the knot with Zhukova in a ceremony at his Californian vineyard. His fifth wife is about 27 years younger than him. 

Rumors suggest that Rupert Murdoch and Elena Zhukova were dating soon after the mogul’s engagement to ex-police chaplain Ann Lesley Smith was called off in April 2023.

Mr Rupert Murdoch is the owner of Fox News, the Wall Street Journal, the Times and the Sun. He has six children from his ex wives. He left the position of chairman of Fox and News Corp last year. Now, his son Lachlan heads both companies. 

Rupert Murdoch Wives 

The Australian Media mogul has been married five times and has six children from three of his ex-wives. 

Patricia Booker was his first wife, with whom Rupert married in 1956. He has one daughter, Prudence Murdoch, from his first wife. Murdoch’s first marriage ended in 1967, 11 years after the wedding. 

Rupert Murdoch married Anna Torv in 1967, following his divorce from Patricia Booker. This was his longest marriage, lasting over 32 years. They had three children during this marriage: Elisabeth Murdoch, Lachlan Murdoch, and James Murdoch. 

Wendi Deng was Rupert’s third wife, with whom he tied the knot in 1999. This marriage lasted about 14 years, and the couple welcomed two babies. Grace Murdoch and Chloe Murdoch are the children Rupert Murdoch has from Wendi. In 2013, Wendi Deng and Rupert parted ways. 

After Wendi, Rupert married Jerry Hall, his fourth wife. This marriage took place in 2016 and ended in 2022. The media tycoon doesn’t have any children with Jerry. 

Now, for the fifth time, he has married retired Russian biologist Elena Zhukova. The wedding ceremony took place on Saturday, June 1. 

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