Megan Fox Reacts to Machine Gun Kelly’s Blackout Tattoo 

Megan Fox Reacts to Machine Gun Kelly’s Blackout Tattoo 

Megan Fox has shared her point of view on her future partner MGK’s blackout tattoos and appreciated the magic of art. 


Machine Gun Kelly has a special love for tattoos, which fans have witnessed multiple times. Most of his upper body, except his face, was already covered with different tattoos. 

MGK recently surprised his fans with another special tattoo. This time, he covered almost every inch of his upper body, from hands to chest, with special tattoos. He chose black to surprise his fans globally. 

Amid the fan theories and reactions, his fiance, Megan Fox, has also shared her response to Machine Gun Kelly’s blackout tattoos. Megan spoke about the new designs on March 19 during the “Call Her Daddy” podcast. According to Megan Fox, his recent tattoos have some hidden story; however, they are still excellent and elegant. 

Full Story 

Machine Gun Kelly, also known as Colson Baker, recently unveiled an extensive blackout tattoo covering much of his arms and chest. Every tattoo MGK gets on his body has some story behind it. However, this time, no actual reason has been revealed by the singer. 

So, from the moment MGK unveiled the tattoo, fans, and media houses have been searching for the reason behind his blackout tattoo. To get the answer to this popular question, “Call Her Daddy” podcast host Alexandra Cooper questioned Megan Fox. 

However, even after giving a lengthy statement, Fox did not reveal the meaning behind Machine Gun Kelly’s tattoo. She said, “He (MGK) has a really special story behind why he did that, which obviously I’ll leave for him to tell.” 

She added, “He had a relationship with the tattoos that he had that he was very conflicted emotionally with whatever they represented, and I don’t actually know.” Fox also indicated why MGK is not revealing the story behind the new tattoo, “He did not like to revisit those memories of some of those tattoos that he had, and he wanted to get rid of them.” 

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