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Mexico and Ecuador Tensions: Mexico Cuts Diplomatic Ties
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Mexico and Ecuador Tensions: Mexico Cuts Diplomatic Ties 

Mexico and Ecuador tensions have consistently increased after Ecuador Police broke into the Embassy. Mexico President Andres Manuel Lopez has now warned Ecuador to cut all diplomatic ties. 

The tensions between two Latin American countries arise because of an action by Ecuador police. Police got a clue about what Ecuador wanted, and Ecuador’s former Vice President Jorge Glas took shelter in the Mexican Embassy. 

However, the police detained Jorge Glas from the Embassy, which increased tensions between Mexico and Ecuador. The situation has become so bad that diplomatic relations between the two countries are on the verge of ending.

Mexico accused Ecuador of violating international law and the country’s sovereignty. The Mexican president has ordered its agencies to end all diplomatic ties with Ecuador. 

Mexico and Ecuador tensions full story 

Former Ecuadorian President Jorge Glas, who is wanted on corruption charges, was reportedly discovered seeking refuge within the premises of the Mexican Embassy in Ecuador. Upon receiving this information, Ecuadorian law enforcement authorities conducted an operation to apprehend him.

During the operation, Ecuadorian police detained Glas inside the Embassy. However, in the process, some damage was incurred to the Embassy’s property. This incident caused displeasure on the part of the Mexican government.

Andres Manuel on X

Ecuador’s reaction to Mexico’s warnings 

Responding to the Mexican president’s remarks, Daniel Noboa, Ecuador’s president, said, “Ecuador is a sovereign nation, and we are not going to permit any criminal to stay free.”

Noboa has made no decisions to cut diplomatic ties amid tensions between Mexico and Ecuador. However, things are getting hot over time, and that may lead to some reactions from Ecuador as well. 

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What does the Mexican President say?

Following the police breaking into the Mexican Embassy, the Mexican president has declared it a violation of laws. In his X post, Obrador wrote, “This is a flagrant violation of international law and the sovereignty of Mexico.” 

He added, “which is why I have instructed our chancellor to issue a statement regarding this authoritarian act.” President also mentioned in his post, “proceed legally and immediately declare the suspension of diplomatic relations with the government of Mexico and Ecuador.” 

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