MONA Admits Ladies Lounge Paintings Are Fake

MONA Admits Ladies Lounge Paintings Are Fake

Tasmania’s Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) has admitted that many of its Ladies Lounge exhibit paintings are fakes. These artworks gained attention when they were relocated to the women’s toilets.

MONA’s dramas and controversies are far from over. The museum constantly makes headlines with its new and dramatic actions. First, the ban on men’s entry into the Lady’s Lounge sparked a scene that escalated to a court case. 

Then, another drama unfolded when the museum decided to place famous paintings in the women’s restrooms. Now, a new revelation has stirred up fresh controversies. The Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) has announced, under pressure from The Guardian, that some of its Picasso paintings are fakes.

MONA has admitted that the so-called paintings, including “Luncheon on the Grass After Manet,” were created by another artist. Kirsha Kaechele, the wife of MONA’s owner, David Walsh, is the true artist behind these works.

Why did MONA place paintings on female toilets? 

Tasmania’s Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) curated a women-only space in the museum. Only females had entry to this space and could see the great artistic pieces by Pablo Picasso. Men were not allowed to enter and admire the art.

However, a court ruled that MONA’s female-only space, curated by Kirsha Kaechele, must admit men. In response to the court’s decision to keep some artworks exclusively for women, MONA placed several Picasso paintings in the women’s restrooms.

After inquiries from Guardian Australia and the Picasso administration, Kaechele admitted the truth. On Mona’s website, she admits that she painted the works herself three and a half years ago. She also revealed that other works in the Lady’s Lounge were not genuine.

Kaechele previously claimed the paintings were inherited from her great-grandmother. Kaechele reflected on gender imbalance and her role as an activist. She apologized to the Picasso Administration for any trouble caused. 

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