Newlywed Couple Shares First Night Video: Viral Video

Newlywed Couple Shares First Night Video: Viral Video

A video recently released by a newly married couple has taken social media by storm. In the viral video, the couple is seen kissing and introducing their room.

India is becoming increasingly digital, much more than Prime Minister Narendra Modi had planned. People are doing anything online, from money transactions to expressing their emotions. 

While most people enjoy using their phones, content creators are making money by producing various types of videos. Some creators have monetized their channels, while many others are still striving to do so. Millions of creators work daily to create at least one viral video.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be famous and gain wealth, but some people take shortcuts to go viral, crossing cultural and ethical boundaries. The recent viral video by a couple exemplifies the lengths to which people will go to achieve popularity.

While the couple does not show any intimate activities in the video, their kissing and discussion about their first night together could be considered inappropriate for some audiences.

Viral Video, credit Sunanda Roy

Couple Viral Video 

In the viral video, the couple talks about their first night. The husband asks, “So how was the first night?” and the wife responds that they haven’t done anything yet. The couple is also seen kissing each other clearly in the video and introducing their bed, presumably for intimate activities. Their kisses appear to be spontaneous and in the heat of the moment.

This isn’t the first time a couple has made a video of their first night in India. Many creators have shared similar videos, and some well-known creators have posted intimate content to gain overnight popularity.

Raja Blogs, a creator from Bihar, filmed his entire wedding in short reels. However, his content was taken as humorous.

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