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Oliver Hudson talks about the Unpleasant Withdrawal Symptoms
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Oliver Hudson talks about the Unpleasant Withdrawal Symptoms

Oliver Hudson detailed a terrifying withdrawal from Celexa, a medication used to treat anxiety. Injustice Star also stated that CBT is the best for anxiety and similar conditions. 

Oliver Hudson has a history of severe anxiety and the consequences of using anti-anxiety medications. While speaking to author and anxiety specialist Drew Linsalata, Hudson opened up about his longtime battle with the emotional health disorder. 

On the Sibling Revelry podcast, he said, “I was doing a show called Nashville three or four years ago. I was away from my kids, and it (panic attack) just hit me.” Oliver also specified a very typical situation when the attack hits. He added, “I was playing beach football and had a f_king crazy panic attack, it was nuts. I started bawling and crying.” 

Explaining the severity and suddenness of the attack, he said, “I was like, please, I cannot believe this is happening. I was weaning off, and I thought I was doing it correctly, and it just took me to a place.” 

Oliver Hudson explained the situation he was facing due to anxiety and the drug used to treat it. “It was just debilitating. It’s hard to even explain, I mean, complete dissociation; I was a mess.” 

Wanted to help family 

Hudson’s desire to help his family helped him get rid of the dangerous trap of anxiety. “I got offered two jobs, you know, and … I’m like, I cannot go to live in Albuquerque, I cannot do it, I can barely come out of my room,” Oliver said. 

The actor added, “But I need to support my family; I have got to do this. So, I had to go back on medication because I just had to be even to try to support my family. And now I’m just on it. But that withdrawal was so nuts.” 

Cognitive behavioral therapy 

Actor revealed how CBT (Cognitive behavioral therapy) helped him live a better life than before. “I have been in therapy for a while but then I switched and found this person and it was CBT and I was like woah, this is real therapy,” he said about CBT. 

CBT is one of the commonly used treatments for anxiety and Agoraphobia. CBT focuses on altering negative thought patterns and behaviors to reduce anxiety. 

During CBT, the provider helps the patient identify and challenge their irrational beliefs. It also impacts fears and develops techniques to help cope with their stress.

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