Over 1000 Hajj Pilgrims Die Due to Scorching Heat

Over 1000 Hajj Pilgrims Die Due to Scorching Heat

The list of total deaths includes 68 pilgrims from India and 58 from Egypt during Hajj. The numbers are consistently increasing from one report to another.

An AFP tally suggests that the number of deaths during this year’s Hajj has surpassed 1000. Of the total deaths, more than 50% were not registered worshippers.

The majority of deaths occurred due to scorching heat and water deficiency. The new deaths include 68 pilgrims from India and 58 from Egypt. Among the total deaths, about 630 people were not registered.
According to reports, people from 10 different countries are included in the list of 1081 deaths during Hajj. The temperature at the main mosque for Hajj has been measured at more than 50 degrees Celsius.

A recent study by Professor Lewis Halsey from the University of Roehampton found that the highest temperature the human body can handle before malfunctioning is between 40 and 50 degrees Celsius. So, the primary reason for the record deaths during Hajj was the extreme heat and high temperatures.

Another reason for the deaths was that most of these pilgrims were unregistered and thus did not have access to air-conditioned spaces. According to officials, people were also exhausted after being chased by security forces.

Hajj means a lot for Muslims

Hajj, one of Islam’s Five Pillars, is a significant spiritual journey to Mecca that every Muslim must undertake if able. It symbolizes submission to Allah, cleansing of sins, and renewal of faith.

The rituals commemorate Prophet Ibrahim’s devotion, such as his willingness to sacrifice his son and Hagar’s search for water, symbolizing ultimate faith and mercy. Hajj fosters global Muslim unity and equality, as pilgrims from diverse backgrounds wear simple white garments.

The pilgrimage demands personal sacrifice and endurance, testing patience and humility. Hajj is a transformative experience that deepens spiritual growth and reinforces the Islamic faith.

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