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Our precious JISOO day
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Precious JISOO Day: Who is Kim Ji-soo, and why is she trending? 

Our Precious JISOO Day is currently trending on different social media platforms, mainly on X. People are continuously writing posts and sharing videos using the hashtag Our Precious JISOO Day. Let’s check what the matter is and how you can also celebrate Jisoo Day. 

What is a precious JISOO day?

JISOO Day is not really a national or international day, nor have any governmental or non-governmental bodies announced it. It is nothing more than the love of fans towards their favorite celebrity. Today, January 3, is the birthdate of Kim Ji-soo, an actress, singer, and member of the K-pop group Blackpink. 

Fans from all over the world celebrate Kim Ji-soo’s birthday as Ji-soo day. Since it’s January 3 today, the fans are trending Ji-soo with the hashtag #OurPreciousJiSoo. Actually, Jisoo is the stage name of this beautiful actress. 

When was Jisoo born? 

The heartthrob of millions, Jisoo, one of the most beautiful and famous celebrities in the world, was born on January 3, 1995. As per Wikipedia, Jisoo was born in South Korea and is currently working as an actress and singer in the Korean industry. Precious Jisoo is also a member of the popular South Korean girl group Blackpink, formed by YG Entertainment. 

How are fans celebrating Jisoo’s birthday? 

Jisoo’s birthday is looking like a well-organized campaign on social media. Fans are sharing their thoughts on “X,” formally known as Twitter. They have dedicated the entire date to Jisoo in the form of Our Precious Jisoo Day. 

JISOO NEWS, while showing gratitude, has written on their X account, Happy birthday to the one and only JISOO; thank you for being a source of happiness for millions of people around the world; keep shining brightly; we love you forever. 

Some others are sharing JISOO’s pictures with captions. Happy JISOO day. 

That’s all about JISOO day; for more entertainment updates, please visit our entertainment section


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