Rapper Julio Foolio Shot Dead During His Birthday Celebration

Rapper Julio Foolio Shot Dead During His Birthday Celebration

Julio Foolio was celebrating his 26th birthday when unknown shooters attacked. The rapper had faced multiple attacks before his murder in Tampa.

The music industry mourns the loss of rising rapper Julio Foolio. Gaining recognition and positive responses for his songs, he did not foresee the cost of popularity. Rapper Julio Foolio paid the price of popularity with his life.

Rising hip-hop rapper Julio Foolio was murdered this Sunday on his 26th birthday. He was celebrating near a hotel in Tampa, Florida when unknown shooters attacked two vehicles.

Julio Foolio, a rapper from Jacksonville, Florida, gained attention for his gritty lyrics and raw depiction of street life. He became known for tracks like “Bibby Story” and “Crooks,” which reflect his experiences and challenges. Foolio’s music often delves into themes of survival and adversity, resonating with many fans and contributing to his growing popularity in the rap scene.

Julio Foolio Murder Report

During the continuous firing, one person died on the spot, while three others were admitted to the hospital. Charles Jones, professionally known as Julio Foolio, was killed by unknown shooters. However, his friends, who were also injured in the firing, are now out of danger.

Sources suggest Julio was the prime target of the shooters, and they ensured to kill him on the spot.

Jones’s girlfriend, Mani, announced the tragic news on social media. She wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter, “Y’all took my boyfriend from me. I hate y’all & I won’t be the only one crying.” However, her account is now private.

Police are investigating the case and have no solid evidence to claim anything as of now. However, while talking to media persons, police officially revealed the entire incident.

The local police said they received a 911 call regarding a shooting in the parking lot of McKinley & Fowler. Two cars were attacked by the shooters, resulting in one death. Additionally, three others were injured and are now out of danger.

The Attacks on Julio Foolio

Julio has a history of attacks during his short musical career. Before his murder on June 23, he was attacked multiple times.

October 2023 – Jacksonville, Florida

In October 2023, Julio Foolio was ambushed in a Jacksonville residential neighborhood. A bullet hit him in the foot, causing severe injuries and broken bones. Following this attack, Foolio filed a lawsuit against a UF Health nurse, alleging they had compromised his safety by disclosing his location.

November 2021 – Jacksonville, Florida

In November 2021, Foolio was the target of another attack in Jacksonville. This time, he managed to repel the assailants using a registered firearm, avoiding injury.

2020 – Houston, Texas

In 2020, Foolio was involved in a shooting incident in Houston, Texas. While details are sparse, this was another instance where his life was put at risk.

June 2024 – Tampa, Florida

On his 26th birthday in June 2024, Julio Foolio was tragically murdered in Tampa. The incident occurred outside a Holiday Inn, where armed men opened fire on a vehicle Foolio was in, resulting in his death and injuries to three others.

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