Russia Warns South Korea on Supplying Arms to Ukraine

Russia Warns South Korea on Supplying Arms to Ukraine

Moscow Threatens to Arm North Korea in Response to Seoul’s Aid to Ukraine. Russia signed an agreement with Pyongyang.

The war between Russia and Ukraine has taken a significant turn, now involving other nations. Moscow has indirectly warned the United States and its allies, including South Korea, against supplying weapons to Ukraine.

President Vladimir Putin has indicated that Russia may support North Korea militarily if these countries continue their aid to Ukraine.

Putin’s Agreement with North Korea

Following a recent visit to Pyongyang, where he signed a mutual defense agreement with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, Putin made a strong statement.

He warned that Moscow is willing to arm Pyongyang if the US and its allies continue supplying Ukraine with weapons. “Those who supply these weapons believe that they are not at war with us. I said, including in Pyongyang, that we then reserve the right to supply weapons to other regions of the world,” Putin stated.

Deployment of North Korean Missiles

As part of the agreement, some North Korean missiles have reportedly been deployed on the Ukrainian border to support Moscow. This move signals a deepening of military cooperation between Russia and North Korea aimed at countering Western support for Ukraine.

South Korea’s Response

South Korea has condemned the agreement between Russia and North Korea, viewing it as a threat to its national security. Following Putin’s statement, the South Korean presidential office announced that it would consider various options for supplying arms to Ukraine, contingent on Russia’s actions. 

Seoul has also summoned Russian Ambassador Georgy Zinoviev to protest the pact. They also demanded an immediate cessation of military cooperation between Moscow and Pyongyang.

South Korea’s Aid Policy

Seoul has consistently denied supplying lethal weapons to Ukraine, focusing instead on humanitarian aid and non-lethal military equipment. South Korean officials have reiterated their policy of not arming countries engaged in active conflicts.

Geopolitical Implications

The situation underscores the principle of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend,” often applied in international relations. While Russia and South Korea do not have direct hostilities, Moscow’s alliance with Pyongyang aims to pressure Seoul into reconsidering its support for Ukraine. 

The United States has also disagreed with the Russia-North Korea pact, highlighting the complex web of alliances and enmities.

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