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Social media slammed Kanye West for his comment on Michelle 
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Social media slammed Kanye West for his comment on Michelle 

No matter how much he does, rapper Kanye West is known for his controversies. He does something like this almost every second month so that he comes into the limelight.

Recently he spoke some shit about the former first lady Michelle Obama. And now he is getting backlash over social media. Most users are criticizing Kanye West’s comment on Mitchell. 

The matter has reached its peak, and now people are criticizing the rapper and asking for a public apology. According to the social media audience, particularly on X, Kanye has disrespected the nation by saying sexist things about the ex-first lady. 

What is Kanye West’s new controversy?

Kanye is the king of controversy in the American rapper community. Although he is known as the father of controversies, Kanye has crossed the boundaries this time. 

During his appearance on musician Justin Laboy’s show, he said disrespectful things about Mitchell Obama. 

“Who is one other woman you’re going to have a threesome with? You could pick anyone in the world,” the host asks Kanye West. Since the question already included his wife, Biana Censori, the rapper had to answer about only one lady. 

After taking some time, Kanye responded, “Michelle Obama! You gotta f— the president’s wife.” Although he was laughing while talking about Mitchell, the audience did not find it really humorous. 

How did people respond to the comment?

Normal residents, including those who do not like Obama, started trolling Kanye West for his wrong selection. They condemned the comment as sexist and are demanding an apology. 

One person trolled the Flashing Lights singer, “First learn how to chew with your mouth closed,” even commenting on his titanium teeth. 

Another user said, “Exactly what is Kanye West talking about? He’s disrespecting his wife, Bianca Censori. I wouldn’t be surprised if she filed for divorce after hearing this.’ 

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