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Taylor Swift Curated Five Playlists for Fans
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Taylor Swift Curated Five Playlists for Fans

Taylor Swift is one of the most favorite singers in the world. She also understands her popularity among fans and her responsibility to always respond to fans lovingly. 

Taylor Swift always does whatever her fans expect from their favorite singer. The curation of five playlists of her own songs is the most recent thing she did for her fans. 

She curated five playlists of songs that introduce different stages of heartbreak. However, most of the songs in the playlists are from her old albums; one track is taken from the album to come. Now, swifties are going mad for what their favorite singer has done.

Why did Taylor Swift curate playlists?

Taylor Swift curated the five playlists about 13 days before the release of her 11th album, TTPD. When the tracklist for The Tortured Poets Department (TTPD), her fans started speculating that the 11th album would explore various stages of heartbreak. 

It’s not known how true fans’ words will be, but Swift showed her love for Swifties by creating a playlist of their favorites. As fans speculated that her new album would explore various stages of heartbreak, the singer curated five playlists based on five stages of heartbreak. 

Five categories include Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance. All five playlists refer to the different stages of heartbreak. 

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Announcement of five playlists by Taylor Swift

Apple music released a statement and said, “When Taylor Swift announces an album, the world takes an interest. That is certainly what happened in the days after she unveiled The Tortured Poets Department (TTPD), as intrepid Swifties began hunting and assembling and pinning clues to digital cork boards, eventually landing on the theory that her 11th studio album is sure to explore 5 stages of heartbreak.” 

They continued, “And when Swifties agree upon a theory, Taylor takes an interest so naturally, she has responded by creating a series of exclusive playlists from her past ten albums.” 

They also mentioned the names of all five playlists: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance.

Taylor Swift’s curated playlists and songs 


Denial includes songs like Lavender Haze, Betty, Snow on the Beach, Cruel Summer, Willow, Treacherous, Lover, Wildest Dreams, and other love-drunk songs. 


Anger includes songs like Bad Blood, Illicit Affairs, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, Vigilante S**t, Dear John, and Better Than Revenge. 


The third playlist Taylor has curated includes songs like Death by a Thousand Cuts, Afterglow, The Archer, Soon You’ll Get Better, and Cornelia Street. It also features songs from her albums, like I Wish You Would, The Story of Us, and The Other Side of the Door.


Depression includes Maroon, You’re Losing Me, Champagne Problems, Dear Reader, and Bigger Than the Whole Sky. 


This playlist involves songs like You’re On Your Own Kid, Midnight Rain, Labyrinth, and August.

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