What is Genomic Testing, Helping Cancer Patients 

Genomic Testing

Genomic testing is giving new hope to cancer patients. Its efficiency has already saved many lives from the dreaded disease of cancer.

We are advanced; we have the technology, and we have modern tools, but still, a huge number of us are dying because of cancer. Many treatments have evolved to diagnose and treat cancer patients. However, most of them are so expensive and not hundred percent effective in each case. 

However, genomic testing is here to kill two birds with one stone. It is a modern way to diagnose cancer efficiently as well as find the most suitable treatment for individual patients. 

Let’s learn about genomic testing and how it can help cancer patients save their lives with little money.

What is Cancer? 

You may have a clear idea of cells. Our body is made up of billions of cells containing all the genetic codes needed for growth. A cell divides itself together with genetic codes to produce daughter cells. This is how our body grows. 

Everything goes okay until this process of cell division is disrupted. However, in some cases, errors are made while dividing the DNA. These errors occasionally change into mutations and form cancer cells. All mutations are not dangerous for our lives. 

What is a Genome? 

So, cancer is a disease of the Genome, and this is why Genomic tests are popular for their diagnosis. Each cell within our body contains genetic codes to carry on the development and growth. This DNA code is made of about three billion molecules connected with each other in 46 strings called chromosomes. 

A collection of all 46 chromosomes is known as the Genome. 

What is Genomic testing? 

According to The Week, Genomic testing is a kind of diagnostic procedure that involves the evaluation of the Genome. Professionals utilize genomic testing to understand mutations and the causes of cancer. 

This testing also helps doctors determine the most effective medicine for cancer in any part of the body. Doctors research the type of mutation and then find out a treatment that is most suitable in a particular case. 

Genomic tests have also made it possible to treat cancer of any particular body part with a medicine effective in the treatment of cancer in another body part. If the cancer in different body parts has the same kind of cell division error, the same medicines will be effective. 

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