Who Hired Goons to Shoot Pradhan Ji in Panchayat Season 3? Secret Revealed

Who Hired Goons to Shoot Pradhan Ji in Panchayat Season 3? Secret Revealed

At the end of Panchayat Season 3, Pradhan Ji was shot by some goons. Among several suspects, Manju Devi, Pradhan Ji’s wife, is at the top of the list.

If you’ve already binged Panchayat Season 3, this burning question is probably at the forefront of your mind. It’s the second most asked question after “Why did Katappa kill Baahubali?”

If you haven’t watched Season 3 of Panchayat yet, what are you doing with your life? Seriously, go watch it! Otherwise, this article might spoil some of the fun surprises.

Let’s get to the topic. We saw that three goons shot Pradhan Ji almost at the end of Season 3. Like most of the scenes in Panchayat, the shooting sequence was quite interesting and humorous.

“Goons first tried to shoot Pradhan Ji on the road but failed. However, they did not give up. They chased Pradhan Ji, Vikash, and Prahlad, then shot from close range. And the funny thing is, they missed even after firing from just half a meter away.” (Kya Gunda Banega re?)

This sequence raised the hottest question of the year: “Who tried to kill Pradhan Ji?” People on social media consistently share their views and theories about the goons.

We don’t claim to be 100% right, but our points are genuine. So, read on to explore who hired the shooters to attack Pradhan Ji.

Who Tried to Kill Pradhan Ji in Panchayat 3?

A question may arise in your mind: why assume that the shooters were hired goons? Maybe they had their own reasons to kill Pradhan Ji.

Here’s a simple fact: all three shooters did not recognize Pradhan Ji, as we clearly hear them asking, “Who is Pradhan?” If they had personal problems with him, why didn’t they recognize their target? So, they were just hired goons.

MLA (Vidhayak)

Like in previous seasons, MLA Chandra Kishor Singh plays a negative role in Panchayat Season 3. Most people, including Mr. Secretary (Sachiv Ji), believe that the MLA was behind the shootout.

However, based on his demeanor before the last fight scene, he does not seem to be the mastermind. He’s already entangled in the dog and pigeon case; why would he increase his troubles by orchestrating this?

To be honest, the MLA also shows a kind-hearted side. The way he gives a farewell to his pet horse and the way he threatens Bamb Bahadur suggest he is not the mastermind.

Pradhan Ji

Brij Bhushan Dubey, aka Pradhan Ji, might also be a suspect. Both the MLA and Banarakas have blamed him for hiring goons to kill himself. Pradhan Ji knew he needed sympathy as people were completely against him.

He might have orchestrated the attack for sympathy. However, the way he runs to save his life suggests he wouldn’t ask people to shoot him. So, he may not be the mastermind.

MP (Sansad Ji)

Swanand Kirkire, who plays the MP’s character, might also be a suspect. In Season 3, it becomes clear that the MP is the real kingmaker who helped Chandra Kishor Singh win the elections previously.

Now, with Chandra Kishor being politically useless, the MP needs an alternative. He might have chosen Pradhan Ji to be the next MLA and hired goons to attack him to create a sympathy wave.

Manju Devi

This might be the most surprising and hardest to digest suspect. Why would Manju Devi try to kill her husband? How can we even think this? Here are some facts that raise suspicion about her:

Manju Devi is determined to maintain her position and can go to any lengths to do so. Maybe you didn’t notice, but it was Manju Devi who didn’t allow the MLA to enter the village during the season.

When everyone was mourning after the death of Bam Bahadur’s pigeon, it was Manju Devi who was more interested in whether Bam Bahadur lived in the East or the West. She had risked Bam Bahadur’s life to strengthen her own position.

When Rinki asked her, “Suppose you lose the election,” Manju Devi confidently responded, “No, I will not.” This implies she already had plans to secure victory. And she was competing with Banarakas’s wife.

Keeping these points in mind, Manju Devi seems to be the prime suspect. Let’s wait for the next season to find out the truth.

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