Why Carson Cooper is Wearing a Mask in March Madness 2024

Why Carson Cooper is Wearing a Mask

“Why is Carson Cooper wearing a mask?” has become a burning question among fans amidst the fervor of March Madness. They are intrigued by the unexpected sight and eager for an explanation behind this mysterious choice.


Michigan State’s Carson Cooper made a striking appearance in a bulky mask during his recent interactions, sparking excitement and concern among fans. The burning question on everyone’s minds is: Why is Carson Cooper wearing a mask? 

If you are seeking the answer to this question, you are not alone. We shared the same concerns, and our team has uncovered the explanation.

According to our research, the Michigan State star was injured in the last game against Purdue in the Big Ten tournament. He was bumped by Boilermakers center Zach Edey and hurt his nose. 

The medical team has now advised him to protect his nose from any external contact. This is why Carson Cooper is wearing a bulky mask on his face. According to the reports, he will continue to wear that mask for the rest of his matches in the NCAA. 

Let us tell you that the Michigan State player was seen in a mask during Spartans practice. 

Fans Questions on Carson Cooper’s mask? 

Fans are continuously sharing their thoughts on social media and asking why Cooper has covered his face. Some fans believe it is a new fashion trend that Cooper is trying to start, while others are worried for the star. 

Social media posts reveal this fact.

“Carson Cooper is sporting a new mask. The MSU sophomore got a bloody nose vs. Purdue but said it’s not conclusive if he broke it. He plans to explore having a corrective procedure after the season but will wear the mask—created by a 3D scan of his head—the rest of this season.”

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