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A Stranger Attacks Steve Buscemi in New York City
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A Stranger Attacks Steve Buscemi in New York City

A strange incident occurred when a random person punched Steve Buscemi for no known reason. The actor is currently recovering from the damage that occurred due to the assault. 

It is unbelievable that in cities like New York, even celebrities are not safe on the roads. An unfortunate and alarming situation occurred when someone randomly punched “Big Daddy” star Steve Buscemi. 

This punch was not only on the face of Steve but also on the face of NYC authorities. It raises a range of questions about the efficiency and promptness of the New York Police. What will happen to normal citizens if a star is not safe? 

What happened to Steve Buscemi?

Steve was walking around in New York City, and someone unexpectedly hit him on the face. Buscemi’s publicist confirmed that it was a completely random act of violence. According to a “Times of India” report, the incident occurred in the Kips Bay neighborhood of New York City. 

The reports suggest that the person punched Steve very severely, and his face and left eye swelled up soon. So, this cannot be a mistake. The person punched him intentionally and with the purpose of giving solid damage. 

Right after the incident, Steve Buscemi was taken to Bellevue Hospital for treatment. Though he is still recovering from the pain and swelling, doctors have proved him okay. 

A police investigation is on

According to local media, Police have started the investigation to capture the culprit. However, no news of the arrest arrived until this article was published. Police have described the attacker as a man wearing a baseball cap, blue T-shirt, white sneakers, and black pants.

Police are working hard to find the person who assaulted Steve Buscemi randomly on the road. I hope they will get the man soon. 

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