BTS’s Jin Rejoins Group After 18-Month Military Service

BTS's Jin Rejoins Group After 18-Month Military Service

While bidding farewell to Jin, his co-workers became emotional. Jin’s homecoming comes just a day ahead of the 11th anniversary of BTS.

BTS’s Jin has completed 18 months in the military forces. He is now a common man as his status as a soldier has been changed. Kim Seokjin is now ready to join the group and entertain the audience.

While bidding the farewell, Jin and his co-workers in the military were seen feeling emotional. Seokjin was also shedding tears while parting with his fellow soldiers. In a video viral on social media, Jin can be seen asking his fellow soldiers not to cry.

On the other hand, his fellow BTS members welcomed Jin after 18 months. The band member Kim Namjoon played one of their popular songs “Dynamite” when Jin came and hugged group members.

Jungbook, V, RM, Jimin, Jhopa and Suga are united to make his homecoming a grand event. Since Jin returns a day before BTS’s 11th anniversary, Jin will hold a hug event with the lucky Army on June 13.

Jin’s homecoming and BTS anniversary event will feature two sessions. In the first session, Kim will hug 1000 fans. While in the second session, “Message from Jin” will feature performance for the audience.

Why did Kim Seokjin leave the military?

In South Korea, all able-bodied men are required to complete mandatory military service, typically lasting about 18 months. This service is a legal obligation and is seen as a duty to the country. For celebrities like BTS’s Jin, this means temporarily pausing their careers to fulfill this national requirement. Jin was also on his national duty from December 2022. He was the first from the BTS group to enlist in the South Korean Army. Kim was promoted as an assistant drill instructor at the 5th infantry Division soon after he joined the army.

During his 18 months of national service, Jin received many awards, including the Special Warrior Status.

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