Pakistan Chances in T20 World Cup Super 8

Pakistan Chances in T20 World Cup Super 8

Pakistan is still in the race for the T20 World Cup Super 8. The men in green will have to win their next match against Ireland to keep their hopes alive. 

Pakistan is still clinging to hope in the race to win the T20 World Cup. Yet, every Pakistani fan faces the bitter truth: they’ll have to keep an eye on the United States to confirm their qualification.

This isn’t an IMF bailout; it’s an ICC tournament! But again, Pakistan finds itself in a familiar position—hoping for a lifeline from the USA. We could dive into the complex calculations for Pakistan’s qualifications, but the real question is, why is Pakistan always relying on others?

When Pakistan needs business deals, they turn to China. When they need loans, it’s the USA. When they seek sympathy from residents, it’s India. And in cricket? They depend on even the worst teams to stay afloat in ICC tournaments. It’s like being the kid who always has to ask to copy homework!

Imagine the scene: Pakistani fans glued to their screens, praying for the USA to perform some cricketing miracle. It’s a bit like hoping for a Bollywood ending in a Hollywood movie—entertaining but wildly improbable.

Where does Pakistan stand?

Pakistan finds itself in a nearly impossible position in the ICC T20 World Cup. Despite being in Group A, Pakistan’s performance has been more C-grade.

In Group A—featuring India, USA, Canada, and Ireland—Pakistan sits in third place with only 2 points. According to the rules, only the top two teams from each group will qualify for the Super 8. To move forward, Pakistan must finish in either first or second place.

Here’s the tricky part: for Pakistan to have a chance, India and the USA must lose their upcoming matches, while Pakistan must win their next game against Ireland. 

Even if everything falls into place, Pakistan still won’t qualify. Winning their next match would give Pakistan only 4 points. Meanwhile, India and the USA already have 4 points each. This means Pakistan’s fate hinges on the net run rate. Currently, both India and the USA hold a stronger position in terms of net run rate.

In simple terms, Pakistan needs to win its next match against Ireland by a large margin. Even after winning, Pakistan must hope that the USA loses all its remaining matches.

They could also hope India loses its next matches, but given the Indian team’s strength, this seems unlikely and would probably be a waste of time for Pakistan.

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