Camila Cabello Reveals Who She Lost Her Virginity 

Camila Cabello Reveals Who She Lost Her Virginity

Camila Cabello recalls her first boyfriend in a recent interview and revealed the name with whom she lost her virginity. The singer also revealed that she lost her virginity much later than other women.

The Shameless singer recalls her relationship with ex Matthew Hussey when she was 20 years old. The singer says it was her first and most beautiful relationship that she enjoyed. 

The hitmaker responds negatively to the question of having intimate with someone before Hussey. Matthew Hussey was the man with whom Camila Cabello lost her virginity. She took some extra time to lose her virginity and enjoy a relationship. 

The Senorita-fame singer recalled her romance with the relationship coach, Hussey while talking with Dax Shepard on the Armchair Expert podcast. She talked on a variety of topics associated with her first relationship experience. 

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How did Camila Cabello meet Matthew Hussey?

While talking about her first meeting with Hussey, the singer says, “I was outside where they have the TV with the scripts. I had actually listened to his podcast before.” Camila also revealed that she was a fan of Matthew. “I listened to his podcast before as a fan because he had, like, a dating podcast.” 

She remembered telling Hussey, “Oh my God. I am such a big fan,” and going out to dinner with him later that same night.

Camila further recalled her first relationship experience and stated that it was later than other women. She said, “That was my first relationship. It was late for my first time.” The singer explained that she was 20 years old at that time. 

Like most girls, Camila Cabello also felt lonely in her life. “I was like, Oh my God. I have never had a boyfriend. There were, like, literally eight songs that were, like, basically, lonely. I am so lonely,” the singer expressed her feelings at that time. 

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Shepard then asked if she ever had sex before her first relationship with Mattew Hussey. Singer says no. “That was my first time having sex. First lovemaking was at 20, 21. It was literally lovemaking. It was beautiful,” Camila explained. 

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As per Camila’s recent interview, she was in a relationship with Hussey for the first time. Their relationship lasted about a year. They met in 2018 and parted ways in 2019. 

After Matthew, Camila came into a relationship with Shawn Mendes. Both music stars came into a relationship in 2019. However, this romantic chapter did not last long, and they ended the relationship after COVID-19 lockdown. 

Austin Kevitch held her hand after Shawn Mendes. In 2022, Austin and Camila started their romantic chapter. The relationship was reported to be over by February 2023. 

Camila and Shawn again reunited after Austin but unfortunately their second innings also did not lasted longer and they split in just 2 months. 

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